Dec 12, 2019

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3 Main Causes Of Skin Disease

3 Main Causes Of Skin Disease

If you get your carpet wet, you better ask for help from Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches because they can clean the carpet quickly and as before Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. Don’t ignore wet carpets because you can get skin diseases. Skin diseases can be caused by various things, such as:

1. Viral infection
Viral infections are a common cause of skin diseases. There are three groups of viruses that most often cause skin diseases, namely:

• Poxviruses, causing molluscum contagiosum and smallpox
• Human papillomavirus causes genital warts
• The herpes virus causes skin and genital herpes

These viruses can be found on a wet carpet. Diseases caused by this virus can be mild or severe. For that, do early treatment to prevent the severity of the disease.

2. Bacterial infection
In addition to viruses, bacterial infections are also one of the causes of skin problems that are very common.

Human skin is a dwelling for many bacteria such as Staphylococcus, Corynebacterium spp., Brevibacterium spp, and Acinetobacter. These bacteria are classified as good and do not cause problems. However, other types can cause disease.

Usually, the bacteria enter the skin through open wounds or blisters on the skin. Having an open wound or blister is not always certain to make you get a skin disease. But, of course, increases the risk. Especially if your immune system is weakened due to chronic diseases. Besides, this condition can also arise due to the side effects of treatment.

3. Fungal infections
Fungal infections usually attack parts of the skin that tend to be damp like feet and underarms. Because the fungus is very easy to breed in a warm and humid environment.

Athletes are quite susceptible to fungal infections. Because the clothes are sweaty or wet and damp become a favorite home for mushrooms to breed. Especially if added to the skin injury that makes the fungus can get into the deeper layers of the skin.

Therefore, do not leave the body too long in a moist or wet state if you do not want to be infected with fungus. Immediately take a shower or dry your body after carrying out activities that sweat a lot.

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