Dec 11, 2018

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3 Tips for those of you who want to find a trusted travel Umrah

3 Tips for those of you who want to find a trusted travel Umrah

There have been a number of cases that we have encountered in the mass media, both electronic and print media which reported that some Umrah travels did not yet have legal business permits from the Ministry of Religion . Aside from that, check out the extra resources of hajj packages 2018 as well if you wish to do the hajj soon.

As a result, many problems arise in the middle of the road. Both the problem that befell the Umrah travel as well as the Umrah congregation. Even unmitigated, illegal Umrah travels or can be said to be fraudsters roam in many places.

The Characteristics We Must Beware For These shady Umrah Travels As Follows:

1. Do not have a clear Umrah travel office

Imagine if an Umrah travel company does not have a clear office location. Of course, we will be hesitant and should be careful, if the bad possibility will occur on our money, and unlucky again, the dream of worshiping to the holy land will be vanished because of our money that has been carried away by this stupid Umrah travel.

2. Installing the price of a super cheap and unreasonable promo Umrah package

The price of a very cheap promo Umrah package, even under 10 million, is very far from healthy logic. Just check the price of the plane for departure to Jeddah, not to mention hotel facilities, eat 3 times a day, and other needs for Umrah need of course.

3. Don’t have a website This can happen to Umrah travel travelers who advertise through the internet or online media.

If you find someone who offers info on the price of an Umrah package that can’t access Google searches, or even doesn’t have a website, please think again, is this really a trusted Umrah travel.

Because if a company really intends to serve its prospective pilgrims, then the company will try to provide the best, one of which has a travel Umrah website as proof of its seriousness in helping prospective pilgrims understand about their company and give the confidence to be able to join Umrah worshipers in travel companies the umrah.

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