Nov 23, 2019

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5 Bad Habits Of Sending Emails That You Should Avoid

5 Bad Habits Of Sending Emails That You Should Avoid

Usually, people use both tools to interact with each other through certain media, one of which is email. Even though many communication media have emerged, the role of e-mail is still irreplaceable, especially in the following areas: education, government and business discover more here. Not a few people who still use email for personal communication. However, if you need something like an email verifier, you can contact us.

Bad Habits to Avoid When Emailing
Like interacting with someone directly, in communicating via email, ethics and courtesy must also be considered. Don’t do the following habits so that communication can be more optimally interwoven:

1 Omitting Subjects
When in a hurry to send an email, sometimes someone forgets to write the subject or title. If you have ever done this, you should start more thoroughly now.

Especially if the email is intended for professional purposes, such as applying for jobs and sending files to business relations. Because with the subject, the recipient can find out the interests of the email. Apart from that it also makes it easy for recipients to search for emails by subject.

It is not possible for emails without subjects to be ignored by the recipient. So, make sure you write the subject briefly, concisely and clearly before the email is sent.

2 Using Informal Fonts
This habit you can do if the email is sent to friends, family or personal. However, if addressed to agencies, companies and similar fields, use the usual fonts, for example Sans Serif in black. Avoid using fonts that tend to signal informality, such as Comic Sans. You also do not need to block sentences with certain colors and use a background image.

3 Abbreviate Words
Usually people abbreviate words by reason to be more efficient. This is often found in short messages of the past which were sent via cellphones with numeric keyboards.

The habit is apparently still widely practiced by users of cellphones or laptops with full keyboards.

In fact, in the ethics of sending a good email, abbreviating word for word is not allowed. Better to write words in accordance with the rules of writing, do not be shortened, for example “thank you” to “trm ksh” or “thx”.

4 Inserting “Important” or “Urgent” Words Inserting “Important” or “Urgent” Words
Applying the two words above to the subject or content is the same as asking the recipient to immediately respond to the message.

That’s considered rude, especially if you use capital letters. It may be that after seeing it, the recipient feels annoyed and is reluctant to read the email.

5 Sending Attachments that Are Too Large
Email platforms, such as Yahoo and Gmail do not have much space to attach files, whether in the form of PDFs, photos or videos in large sizes. So, attaching files that are too large you should avoid.

In addition, heavy attachments will also affect the process of sending emails. You have to wait for a while until the file is actually uploaded. Therefore, it is better to choose attachments that are important only to be sent via email.

Email is widely used because the delivery process is easy and fast delivery. But, please note that email is different from regular SMS or chat applications. He has ethical principles that must be obeyed. Do not let because of ignoring these rules, the message you send never gets a reply or the worst part is blocked and put on the spam list by the recipient.