Aug 9, 2018

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Avoid Some of These Mistakes When You Want to Getting a Girlfriend

Avoid Some of These Mistakes When You Want to Getting a Girlfriend

For those of you men who are looking for a lover, they might ask what kind of woman you need. How do I get the girl I want? even a question that is always in your head. however, what you need to pay attention to is whether the woman matches what you want and suits your own personality? This is another question besides the first question.

Apart from all these questions, a man does have to fulfill several things in order to get the lover he wants. There are some mistakes that men often do when looking for the lovers they want. The following are some of the mistakes.

1. Not knowing the main purpose
You must know your main motivation when you have a relationship with a woman. Is it just to get close friends, fill your heart’s emptiness or to stress the pressure from around you. you should know for sure the purpose and the main motivation in your relationship or relationship will not develop at all.

2. not confident
most men are not aware of how to master the space where they are extinguished or at least make others aware that they are there. If you are trained to make people aware of your presence, you can read the situation better. With this, you can get more opportunities for me to talk to women you like.

3. Not sure about self-image
Maybe there might be a dream woman who falls in love with you but quickly ends it. Even though you have researched about the type of guy he likes. It could be that you are wrong to form an image that does not suit you, just to please him. Finally, when you return to your original character, he can’t hold it back. Sometimes the picture of “good boy” and “bad boy” is slightly different.

By having these things, it’s no wonder that getting a woman you like is a difficult thing, get rid of all the bad habits you have so that the woman likes you.