Apr 19, 2018

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A beginner’s guide to winning their Fortnite Matches

A beginner’s guide to winning their Fortnite Matches

Although you may be familiar with other games with the Battle Royale genre is a game where the victory is only for one player left after defeating the other players. Meanwhile, you might need to check out hack fortnite program if you want to get the in-game Fornite money easily

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a bit different because this game adds its own twist to making walls and stairs as a fortress to protect yourself and create your own tactical advantage.

Fortnite will drop its players to an island and the last player (or team) that is still alive to win. Knowing what to bring, when to shoot, and what to build is essential if you want to be the last person living on the island.

You will not find any tutorials at Fortnite Battle Royale, so when you get down to the island, you have to rely on intelligence to find any resources along the way.

Choose Landing Zone And Avoid Other Players

Fortnite: Battle Royale starts with 100 players who jumped from a flying boat to a weapon-packed island at some point. Check your map early and watch the flight path carefully.

Deciding exactly where you are going to land will help start the battle. The first thing to do after setting foot on the island is to look for weapons and try to avoid other players.

Weapons are more common in the building, so choose a landing site that is close to the building, but avoids large settlements or towns.

These places have great equipment, but also attract many other players. You want to avoid direct fighting until you know a little more about the terrain. You can also set the waypoints on your map screen so that it will make it easier to find structures or settlements to start raiding weapons.

You will start your jump with skydiving, but you can follow the on-screen commands to spread your glider. Flipping to the glider earlier will make you fall more slowly, allowing it to reach even further distances.

But the sooner you touch the ground and prepare for the better. Be sure to keep an eye on other players dropping near you as you go down, to avoid attacks or clashes. The main purpose of this game is to survive.

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