Oct 18, 2019

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A Successful Strategy To Build A Cooperative Effort With Others Effectively

A Successful Strategy To Build A Cooperative Effort With Others Effectively

Building cooperation with others will bring benefits to the company, including the development of the company, so this also needs to be considered for the company’s progress. If you want to build a partnership with other people and have a long period, you can consult it first through the Loyalty Program, besides that some of the steps below can be used as a reference, including:

# 1 Starting from a shared vision and mission
What is meant by vision is what goals will be achieved together and the mission is the way taken so that the vision becomes real.

This is the business partner that has to be formed so that the implementation goes hand in hand because they have the same goal focus, although in practice the methods used will certainly be different, but consider this difference as a way to perfect the steps towards the same goal.

Always take the time to discuss with your partners about the company’s vision and mission, how to deal with problems that arise, breakthroughs that can provide energy and motivation in running the business so that it can be more ideal.

# 2 Clarity of expectations and needs
Building a business with other people certainly has certain needs that have been carefully thought through such as establishing cooperation to be able to get capital, certain expertise that is not owned, or also for the sake of expanding the network.

For reasons like that are not always expressed by our business partners to avoid negative thoughts that can lead to tenuous relationships.

Because humans are weak individuals, they can change from time to time due to changes in the environment or other factors, so disclosure is needed in carrying out written and detailed commitments in legal contractual agreements.

Always dig deeper into what your partner expects from you and try to fulfil it. Besides, there is a need for a backup plan to anticipate when bad things happen, both in terms of personal interests and for jointly-built businesses.

# 3 Identify the advantages of prospective work partners
Identification of each strength or ability that is most prominent from the partners is very necessary considering the existence of the goals of each individual so as not to be separated from the initial commitment that was agreed together in conducting business in cooperation.

When discussing the ability of each party, it should also be noted that it is easier to analyze, determine the role of each partner and collaborate to support success in doing business so that it will increase the durability of the joint venture.

Because each individual also will not hesitate to convey ideas to support the growing development of this business.

# 4 Know the weaknesses of prospective coworkers and how to overcome them
Each individual must have advantages and disadvantages, so as a partner in business must also know each weakness so that they can complement and cover-up.

Because of this deficiency is not known, the businesses that have been built will quickly falter and unstable when constrained by obstacles.

Weaknesses do not only come from ourselves but can also be found in strategy, product/service development, marketing and sales, team management, financial and administrative management, and operations. Do a brainstorming in 1 team about any problems that can arise and also discuss the right solutions that can be done to overcome them.

# 5 Set company goals
Determining the goals of each individual and the goals established by the company will greatly support the sustainability and expectations of the business. Make sure that every goal that has been arranged is structured.

Always evaluate and update the stated goals. And give each function and task to be able to take responsibility for what is its obligation.

That way there will be no confusion about what needs to be done to successfully build a joint business.