Since widely used in 1976, the early pregnancy test kit in the US market gain popularity and become the pioneer in an at-home medical test. However, it is gone through many development and iteration since then from the color-changing strip, the plus and minus sign to the latest, digital readout that make it easier to read. Nowadays this technology is no longer as expensive and complicated as the first time introduced, you could even find it in many stores that offer furniture for babies. They are offering a discount to pregnant women with the special coupon revealed only by hormone-laden urine of pregnant women. All these developments lead to many at-home lab tests that you could find at So, it is arguable that medicine is coming to your house.

The purpose of these medical tests is to spread awareness of health regular check-ups and also give convenience for people who have trouble getting access to healthcare. They could easily order the test kit, send the samples back to the lab to get reviewed by health experts and you will get the result in 1-5 days. This method will cut more than half the time the patient needs to get to the lab or clinic or the hassle of making an appointment and scheduling the date. It also gives you comfort in taking the test without needing to discuss sensitive subjects with the doctors.

Not only that, this kind of test is a part of improving larger healthcare especially for those who could not access it easily, such as people in a rural area, not insured or home-bound. This technology also helps reduce the cost that usually becomes the main problem in healthcare. And this is a technology that keeps growing because many tests are more affordable and new tests keep being developed by scientists.

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