Dec 15, 2018

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Avoid drugs personally and socially

Avoid drugs personally and socially

For those of you who don’t want to end up in a rehabilitation center or poor health due to these drugs, it’s good to follow the following tips for avoiding drugs that we’re gonna share with you. In the meantime, perhaps you want to read more about a reputable drugs rehab center as well.

Know the various negative effects of drugs

There are many adverse effects of drugs that you can make as a guide so you don’t try to use them. Various ill effects of drugs are not only felt physically but also psychologically. For example, someone who is found as a drug user will become a conversation in the community.

They will be shunned and gossiped. If this is the case, then the stress caused by the environment makes a person tend to close himself and feel excluded. Apart from these negative impacts, there are also negative effects of drugs for health such as:

heart problems,
brain disorders,
disorders of hemoptysis,
disorders of the urinary tract,
disorders of the lungs,
disorders of the body’s nervous system,
bone disorders,
endocrine disorders,
skin disorders,
blood vessel disorders,
and also at risk of becoming infected with diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, herpes, and tuberculosis.

Take care of your association

How to avoid drugs also depends on relationships. The incorrect association has a negative impact not only on the present but in your future. For that, you need a strong fort so that you cannot easily fall prey to misleading promiscuity. Self-fortification can be carried out by holding fast to the religion adopted. In this world, there is certainly no religion that justifies promiscuity. For that, multiply the knowledge of religion and make it a handle of your life.

The forms of promiscuity have many effects such as the emergence of the desire to smoke, free sex and taking drugs. For those of you who are initially good children, but when your environment is not good, then it can be an influence for you. The invitation of friends and the feeling of wanting to try to make someone easily fall into this misleading thing.

In looking for friends you should choose friends who behave well so that they can encourage you to remain well behaved.

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