Jan 11, 2019

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Avoid These Three Mistakes When Making a Password

Avoid These Three Mistakes When Making a Password

The internet does make it easy for many people to create an account that supports all their activities. However, what needs to be remembered is that the security of the account must be maintained. If you have an account on the internet, maintain the security of the account so that your personal data is not spread out and the account is not misused by many people. One way is to use two factor verification.

Maybe, many people think that passwords are enough to maintain the security of the account. However, in creating a password, you must make it correctly. There are some common mistakes that many people usually make to create a password for their account.

– Use one password for all accounts
In making a password, someone usually does not want to be bothered with complicated words. Not surprisingly, most usually use only that password for some accounts. Thus, if one account is leaked, then it is possible for another account to leak. In fact, this is very dangerous, so you should use a different password for each account that you have.

– Passwords that are too weak
From the research it was found that only 47% used a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters on their passwords and only 64% used a mixture of letters and numbers. Many people are afraid of not being able to remember passwords that they make themselves so they don’t use complicated words for their passwords. In fact, a weak password will be very dangerous because the account can be hacked.

– Do not store passwords securely
The last is the user’s negligence in storing passwords insecurity. Many are handing out passwords with reasons for reminders to families. According to research, around 28% share passwords with closest family members, and 11% share passwords with their friends.

Some of the above mistakes you should avoid to avoid your account being hacked by some irresponsible parties. So, it will be better when you use a strong and different password for each account.

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