Feb 6, 2019

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Bad Things to Avoid When Renovating the Bathroom

Bad Things to Avoid When Renovating the Bathroom

The bathroom is not just a place to clean the body. The bathroom also sometimes becomes a place for relaxation after a day of activities. It is also a place to just relax from a boring routine. Therefore, the bathroom must be made as comfortable as possible. Remember this before you do the Perth bathroom renovations even though you will hire the professional contractor.

Some people choose to renovate the bathroom so that the room seems to change and becomes a more comfortable place. So that the bathroom renovation goes well, you should avoid these 4 mistakes.

Excessively spending money

In renovating a bathroom, the most common mistake is to spend too much money. This can be overcome by making a list of equipment and tools that will be used and purchased to carry out renovations. Buy all the necessities that are really needed.

Enter so many objects

It is better to avoid overcrowding of goods or equipment in the bathroom. Maximize the space to make the room look and feel more comfortable. If the size of the bathroom is not too wide to put the bath and shower at once, just choose the shower. In addition, cabinets or shelves hanging on the wall will help provide extra space on the floor.

Lack of lighting

Activities that are mostly carried out in the bathroom need good lighting. It’s best not to make the bathroom look darker and stuffy. This can be overcome by installing a large mirror over the sink or dressing table together with some lighting that leads directly to the face.

Make poor drainage

Floor elevation should be made to go down to the drain so that the water does not stagnate on the floor for too long. The tile size you install on the floor makes water drop difficult, even more, in small bathrooms.