Mar 1, 2018

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Benefits of Honey for Face Care

Benefits of Honey for Face Care

Honey produced by bees offers many health benefits, be it for healthy organs in the body, hair health, to the health of body and face skin. Pure and organic honey is much more nutritious and has been trusted as a natural treatment and care since hundreds of years ago. Without harmful side effects, everyone can use it safely and these are the various benefits of honey for the face. Visit our website to get Local honey.

1. Cleaning the Skin
In honey, there is a natural enzyme content that can become antiseptic when mixed with little water. This honey water you can use as a natural facial cleanser if you are worried about facial cleanser products in the outcome is not so suitable for your skin. Do not worry when using this honey water because the natural oil content on the skin will not be reduced in the slightest.

2. Moisturize the Skin
For your super dry skin, rough and even presumably scaly, honey is the right skin care ingredients for everyday wear. Honey can be used as a natural skin moisturizer by direct applying pure honey on your face. Use every day without mixed other materials will make the results more optimal and although there is no other mixture, the more you gain the maximum efficacy of honey.

3. Soften the Skin
In addition to moisturizing, honey is an important ingredient also in skin care because it can make rough dry skin becomes soft. Smooth and smooth skin is certainly the desire of almost every woman. No need to be confused anymore because you can use honey for cleansers or face rinsing; You can use honey water as a facial treatment. You can take a few spoons of honey to taste that you can then put in water to wash your face. Water that turned into water honey can you directly use as often as possible to soften your face. As long as the use of routine, you can get the most out of the good content of honey.

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