Feb 28, 2018

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Benefits to Installing Rear View Camera!

Benefits to Installing Rear View Camera!

For those of you who are still difficult to set the feeling with parking sensors can apply rear camera on the rear bumper. This camera can visualize the state or object that is behind the vehicle in real time to the head unit display on your car. So, you do not have to bother looking back, because the accurate picture of the area around the car bumper can be seen on the head unit screen.

Adding a rear view camera to your car will make your vehicle more stylish. But do not just aim for the style-style only with the camera. It is because the recordings from this camera can actually help you someday when experiencing unpleasant events on the highway. But before you decide to buy a rear view camera, it will be better if you make sure you have purchased the best rear view camera so that the image produced is also very clear to be seen especially during the night. Well, here are some benefits of a rear view camera that you might not expect!

1. Avoid extortion with an accident alibi. There are times when someone is experiencing a collision, will blame each other between two or several parties. Recording from dashboard cameras can be concrete evidence to determine who is right and wrong for the incident when all events are recorded clearly.

2. Being proof of insurance claims. The presence of a dashboard recording helps the insurer investigate the cause of the accident. With this recording, it will reinforce the insurer’s findings regarding the claim whether you are entitled to coverage for the incident or not.

3. Provide evidence related to the incident when the car is parked. Sometimes there are unexpected events when the car is parked. It may be another vehicle or almost theft. The dash camera can record events when the car is not watched.

4. Misuse of the vehicle. Usually, rear view camera lights up when the car is turned on. Thus if a car is borrowed and misused so financially disadvantageous, you can sue for damages.

5. Knowing where the car is driving. Some rear view camera has GPS. You can also do vehicle tracking easily via laptop or smartphone.