Jul 6, 2018

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Brand Vs. Independent Hotel: Which One Should I Choose?

Brand Vs. Independent Hotel: Which One Should I Choose?

A pretty intriguing question for us to discuss together. Independent or Brand hotel is a choice that depends on our respective perspective. Brand or Independent is not the enemy of one another, both have their own character and big according to his own world. While you are considering either brand or independent hotel, View Great Hotel Offers.

Brand Hotel from one side has a very wide network, a definite standard, an adequate reservation system and also a customer loyalty program that supports the sale of the hotel. On one side the Independent hotel has the flexibility to improvise, provide flexible pricing, faster management decisions and freedom to do things that are unique and characteristic of the hotel.

we see a lot of Brand Hotel emerging, be it overseas and local brands. And to judge whether Brand hotel to be better than Independent Hotel, it would be wise if we review one by one from various angles, from the point of view of the customer and owner/investor.

What happened ten years ago to a person’s decision to choose a hotel during their travel was not the same as it is today. At that time a person tends to choose a hotel that they already know before, because the service and product standards will be given they already know and now even for some people will do the same to the pattern of booking his hotel, in this case, a brand will greatly benefit because someone is more likely to choose a brand hotel they already know. However, with the development of a person’s mindset and habits, the pattern of choosing a hotel when traveling slightly changed because someone more believes the reference given by the community. And with the rapidly developing internet world, an independent hotel has the same opportunities as a hotel brand as well.

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