Aug 20, 2018

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Choose the type of facial according to the condition of your skin

Choose the type of facial according to the condition of your skin

For women, everything related to their face must be treated properly. There are many treatments that can be chosen especially if you go to a beauty clinic. There, you will find various treatments that are right and can be adjusted to the condition of your skin. one that is usually used in beauty clinics is a high-frequency galvanic machine. That way, the beauty clinic can provide very high satisfaction for their customers.

One of the treatments that are also widely chosen when a beauty clinic is facial. All you need to do to choose the right facial is to consult with a therapist to get maximum treatment and results. there are several types of facials that you can choose according to the condition of your skin.


– Hydrating
If your skin feels dry and wants more nourishing and moisturizing treatments, then choose the type of facial that offers hydrating treatment. Usually, this treatment uses concentrated textured face creams, serums, and moisturizing masks.

– Anti-aging
You want to disguise fine lines and wrinkles and make your face look firmer. The recommended treatment is those accompanied by exfoliation, the use of products containing collagen and special message in the jaw area in the package.

– Acne
Your face tends to be easily pimpled and sensitive. So you should choose the treatment type ‘soothing treatment’. This treatment helps soothe reddish skin and smooth the tone of the skin. Usually using clay masks that function to clean up into the pores, contain zinc and removal of blackheads.

– Detox
When the skin looks dull and naturally lost, then the treatment that can be done is a type of detox. Generally, peels will be exfoliated, the use of facial oils and products contain special enzymes for mild peeling.

– Enlighten
The skin tends to easily become red, irritation and uneven color. So you need facials that include vitamin-rich creams and moisturizing and brightening masks.

You can choose some of these types and of course, adapt to your condition.

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