Nov 17, 2017

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How to Fix Broken Car Speakers?

How to Fix Broken Car Speakers?

To ensure that the speakers have been damaged is to press the leaf speakers in. If there is a sound of friction when we press it, then the speakers have been damaged and will sound noises because the sound mixed with friction earlier. Well if your car speakers are currently in trouble then it will be easier if you replace with a new speaker and of course with an affordable price as well. One of his recommendations is the car symphony as one of the best rated car speakers.

But you can also fix your own car speakers if you want. A simple way to fix this is to rearrange the speaker’s spool position to return to its position (right in the middle of the magnet). Let’s get started to fix broken speakers!

Equipment and materials needed:
Paper or plastic to prop (not too thick).
Synthetic glue.
Gasoline or other liquids, which are used to soften the glue.

When the speakers we will fix is a speaker with a wide diameter, then the easy way is to disassemble its spool.
Drop the gasoline on the glue that circles the speaker’s spool with the speaker leaf, doing it until the glue is completely removed.
But first, mark the position of the depth of spel speakers so that the sound does not change.
After the speaker spool has been loose, insert paper or plastic between the spool and the center of the magnet and do not change the spool depth position.
Then give glue back to the former glue.
Allow until the glue is completely dry.
After the glue dries, remove (pull out) paper that we tuck on the sidelines of the magnet earlier.
Press-leaf the speaker and listen, is there no more friction noises?
If you do not hear the sound of friction, paste the dust cap again.
Now speakers are ready for use.

And this is another tip for small diameter speakers, such as satellite speakers.
The easy way is to release the edge of the leaf speakers (suspension surround).
Do not forget, remove the dust cap first.
Then remove the surrounding glue attached to the speaker, use the gasoline to soften it.
Once the surround is released (make sure it is completely detached) then put the glue back as before.
Then press the speaker spool inward until stuck (use the base of the handle of the screwdriver).
Then glue back the surround without letting go of our hands that hit the spool.
Press evenly until the surround is really glue.
Once it is felt evenly glue, release pressure on the speaker spool.
Up to this stage, the speaker spool is already in the center position.
Then reattach the dust cap.
And, voila! The speakers are healed.

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