Beetroot or beta Vulgaris is said to be one of the healthiest vegetables in the Chenopodiaceae family. Beetroot itself is used as a medicinal plant that can treat several kinds of health problems, such as lowering blood pressure thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. Other than beet, carrots are also a vegetable that is rich in health benefits. The best way to get the health benefit of these vegetables is by juicing. Homeware stores offer a wide variety of homewares designed to produce fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Unfortunately, no device is intended only for carrots or beets. But you can choose the best option for solid vegetables or look for the 10 best juicers for carrots ans beets recommendation. Here are the hacks of life that will help you choose a quality kitchen appliance.

Juicer and carrot juice. Fruits in background

To get juice from solid vegetables, 2 main types of juicers are used – manual and electric. The former is not only similar to a conventional meat grinder but also has the same working principle. Of course, processing carrots and beets with such products will not be an easy task, but some consider them an ideal option that allows you to save all the valuable trace elements from vegetables, to protect the finished juice from heating and oxidation. Electric models are easier to handle and weigh much less than manual ones. If you want to choose an electric juicer for carrots and beets, our experts advise you to pay attention to the types of models: there are citrus and universal sets. For hard vegetables, you can only use the latter. Because it is in a special nozzle configuration for the product.

Since the manual juicer device is so simple, this criterion is only important when choosing electrical equipment. The crusher (grinder) in this model is of two types: centrifugal (rotary) and screw. The principle of operation of the rotary juicer is very simple: the raw material after grinding on a grater goes into a separator, where the juice is separated. In the screw device for grinding carrots and beets, steel screws are used. The principle of action is very different: the vegetables are chopped (as in a meat grinder), and then the juice is separated from the resulting pulp. By the way, the device can have 2 augers – the model is most effective at getting delicious fresh vegetables.

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