Oct 27, 2019

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Common Mistakes When Rafting

Common Mistakes When Rafting

Most tourists who vacation in Bali, in addition to visiting famous tourist attractions on the island of Bali, will also take part in exciting holiday activities. There are many exciting activities for your vacation on the island of Bali such as White water rafting bali and participating in one of the Tanjung Benoa watersport games.

When you book white water rafting on the island of Bali, you will definitely imagine being able to see the natural scenery while exercising. Bali rafting tour activities, indeed one of the exciting holiday activities on the island of Bali. The following are some common mistakes when rafting:

1. Forget to Drink Water to Avoid Dehydration
During the rafting activity, most of the rafting participants forgot to drink water, because they were so excited when rafting activities. In addition, because the body is exposed to river water splashes, makes the skin does not feel hot from the sun and thirst is not felt. Rafting activities require stamina, if you are dehydrated then stamina will be drained very quickly and you will begin to feel fatigued. When you feel tired, then all the excitement of rafting activity is reduced. Therefore, always remember to drink enough water before rafting starts, and drink more water when resting in the middle of a rafting trip. You can ask a guide who accompanied you rafting, to bring bottled drinking water in a bag under the rafting guide.

2. Using the Sun Kream Under the Knee
The island of Bali during the daytime has a hot sun that feels quite hot on the skin. So using sun cream or sunblock becomes a necessity. But many of the rafting participants I saw used sun cream from the bottom of the knee to the sole of the foot. When you are rafting, the inflatable boat will be exposed to water and your feet will be in direct contact with the inflatable boat. If you wear sun cream under the knee, make your feet when in contact with a wet rubber boat become slippery. This will make it difficult for you to stay on the boat when the boat crashes into rocks in the river area.