Aug 12, 2018

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Consider these in avoiding the online scams

Consider these in avoiding the online scams

When you will buy an item, always try to find a shop or online seller that is close to your location. Why is that? So that you can make transactions in COD (Cash on Delivery) or direct transactions by meeting the seller, so you can check the items you buy directly while minimizing fraud. Meanwhile, go to Marketing xtreme blog reviews if you want to see the reviews of many businesses and companies.

Using Third Party Services

If doing COD is not possible for you, then you should use a third-party service to facilitate your transaction with the seller. The third party referred to here is a Joint Account service. A Joint Account service will later function to keep our transactions safe, but of course, in using this service you need to spend a small fee.

Accounts will make you calm in making transactions because the money that you transfer to the seller will be retained first by the Joint Account service and the money will be disbursed to the seller if the buyer has received the purchased item and checked it.

Request a Shipping Receipt Number

The receipt number is proof of the item number that will be sent to you via freight forwarding services. If the item you purchased has indeed been sent then there will be no reason for the seller not to show you the delivery receipt number. When you request a delivery receipt number but the seller does not want to give the receipt number, you must suspect the seller as a fraud because that behavior is also a characteristic of a fraudster.

Usually, fraudsters will argue with a million reasons to stall the delivery receipt and finally disappear. If in the end the receipt number has been sent to you, it is better if you always check the receipt number regularly on the expedition service website because it is not impossible that the seller will cancel the delivery the next day.

Request Your Partner’s Recommendation

Requesting the recommendation of your colleagues or relatives who are experienced in online shopping you can also do. That way your colleagues or relatives will tell you where a trusted online store is based on your colleagues ‘or relatives’ experience when shopping online before.

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