Dec 4, 2017

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How To Easily Take Care of Leather Bags

How To Easily Take Care of Leather Bags

Leather bag has its own beauty and aesthetics are much higher than other bags made from other materials. This is what causes this type of bag has a high price, even only can be purchased by socialites only. In addition, the leather bag also has its own special treatment. This is because textured leather bags are different. Living creatures once existed in them and the content of the fabric was once not a dead object. Therefore, if you are one of the people who have this type of bag, there is no harm in knowing some easy ways to care for leather bags. To get the best quality bag, you can visit Blaxton Bags.

– Keeping the Bag from Drought
Some bags have an exotic side. Usually, the special pattern is contained in the body of the main bag, for example on the details of the handle and decoration. You can see an example of a Givenchy handbag that uses antigona crocodile skin. Such bags are usually not covered by a shield, making it possible to be sensitive to oil and usually have very low water levels. This causes the skin bag easily exposed to oil stains that usually comes from the sweat of the wearer’s hand. The longer exposed to oil, it will appear cracks on the surface of the skin.

– Prevent faded colors
There is one type of leather bag called saffiano leather. The material is made by Mario Prada and is usually applied by formal type bags, such as Tote Bags and Cuir Leather Briefcase. One characteristic of the bag is at its peak or the end there is a convex. Convex that is usually the color that quickly fades. Make it like a cloth with less quality color. To overcome this, you can use a special HD protector as a shield from sunlight. Also, do not try to rub it, because it can only cause a tear. The most appropriate treatment is to hire a professional to handle it.

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