Nowadays, there are a lot of content creations made by young people today. There they can come up with their creative ideas so that they can be interesting for fans to see and enjoy. One of them became a YouTuber. Even now, there are many who make YouTube just for fun alone or it can also be useful for people who watch it. And of course, if you have become a YouTuber, they are already famous everywhere and even get extraordinary awards. Being a YouTuber is not only to get attention so that many people like it but also can benefit from this income.

So that you get a lot of viewers or subscribers, you can buy youtube subscribers.

Youtubers’ income is obtained from the number of viewers. As we know that the more viewers, the more money. For example, a famous YouTuber submits an advertising video that has 1,010,279 viewers, how much does he earn? Then the estimated YouTube payout range you get is between $ 131.34 USD to $ 303.08 USD. A very large number, right?

The value above is calculated based on RPM or Revenue per Thousand Impressions. RPM is the revenue per thousand impressions (impressions) earned between $ 0.13 and $ 0.30 USD. The difference in the price of this ad depends on the region, the type of ad content, the type of ad, and the number of subscribers the channel has. So many factors will affect earnings on YouTube RPM.

The more subscribers who are registered on the Youtube channel, the greater the chance for Youtubers to get viewers. Well, the more viewers who watch the more income they get. The type of ad also affects your Youtuber’s earnings. Relevance is very important for advertising so that a Yotubers ad can be targeted and attract readers of the ad.

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