Without water, a person will not last long (especially in summer), therefore, it is obligatory to acquire water. If your known methods don’t work for you, then be prepared to collect morning dew from grass or condensate from tree leaves. It is best to collect the dew with a cloth, and then just wring it out, and wrap the bag in a tree leaf and tie it so that condensation forms. Furthermore, collecting water can be done easier if you have the right survival gear, and you can Find Out More about such gear on an excellent survival gear store.

Apart from water, food must also be prioritized in survival. In summer and autumn, you can easily find out what to eat in the forest if you know which mushrooms are edible and which berries are not edible. You can eat grass or even tree bark as long as you know which one is safe for consumption. If your skill allows, then you can try to catch fish or animals, but they must be cooked. If you find yourself in a forest in winter, then all you have is an initial supply of power and speed, and use it until you are completely discouraged from trying to get food from under the snow.

In addition, maintaining body warmth is also very important for survival. Imagine that you are lost in the woods in winter – that is, at any time of year, except for summer. There are several ways to keep warm – campfires (who would have thought), and exercise. If the campfire does not work, then you can push (it is believed that the most effective exercise for warming up is squats). Frozen hands can be warmed on the inside of the thigh. It is clear that valuable physical effort is expended during physical exertion, therefore, try to keep the heat that you have as much as possible – fasten your jacket, for example, or wrap yourself in a scarf. These are small and very obvious things, which, however, help to stay warm and strong.

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