Dec 18, 2018

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Getting treatment for drug addiction

Getting treatment for drug addiction

Contact your insurance company to check what facilities and services are covered by the company. Maybe you want to involve friends or family members to go through this process so you can get all the details needed. Taking decisions based on valid information is important. If you don’t know where to call, you can click here.

Check your insurance package brochure or list of services covered by insurance (schedule of benefits) before contacting an insurance company. This written insurance agreement will also show details about what is covered by your insurance package.

If you don’t have insurance, you may experience a little difficulty getting treatment. However, you must find out how you will pay for the treatment. There are various social service programs that you might be able to use. In addition, maybe your family and friends will be willing to give you financial assistance.

Decide whether you want to get outpatient treatment or hospitalization. In general, the difference between the two treatment options is in terms of intensity level. Although both of these options can provide effective treatment programs, inpatient services tend to be more intensive. The inpatient program requires you to stay in the facility with other patients who have just recovered from addiction and participate in daily meetings and support groups. Outpatient programs are usually in the form of counseling and monitoring but the intensity is not as large as in inpatient facilities.

Consider your level of addiction when deciding what type of treatment you want to go through. If the level of addiction is severe and you are worried that doing a treatment at home can frustrate your efforts to undergo the program, meaning the best option is to attend an inpatient program.

If the level of addiction is not too severe and you have other responsibilities such as having to work or take care of children, maybe you should choose an outpatient program.

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