Mar 16, 2019

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Golf Etiquette For Beginners

Golf Etiquette For Beginners

For novice golfers, understanding golf playing etiquette is as important as understanding the procedures for playing golf. Golf games are not like other sports games that require supervision from referees throughout the game. This sport can be played without the supervision of a referee. So, the course of the game depends on the integrity of the players to tolerate their feelings and follow the rules that are available for mutual comfort. You can learn how to play golf on pattaya golf.

By learning etiquette and the rules of playing golf before learning to hit the ball, we can create a comfortable game atmosphere, especially when playing with new people. For beginners golfers, here is some etiquette in golf games that you need to know and apply when in the field.

– Maintain mutual safety
Golfing etiquette is the first, namely to maintain mutual safety. When punching or swinging, make sure that no one is standing near you. This is to ensure that people around you will not be affected by swings of sticks, balls, twigs, stones or other objects. Wait until the other players in front are out of range, just starting to play.

– Give a warning
You also need to warn officers who are near you when you want to punch. If your ballpoints to the player in front, warn them by calling “Fore”. This will make other players alert and avoid the ball that leads to them.

– Follow the tempo of the game, don’t be a slow player
In the game of golf, there are usually rules for the tempo of the game that should be followed by the players. If we cannot balance the tempo of the game with the group that is ahead, then we will be a barrier for the other groups behind us. If the group behind us plays faster than our group, it’s best to invite them to overtake. If you are a slow player, prepare to be able to hit anytime when your turn arrives. Do not take too long to prepare and do not look for balls that are lost more than five minutes. Allow other players to play first if you want to find a ball. To save time, play with a spare ball if the main ball is lost in the water barrier or out of range.