Aug 12, 2018

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Here Are Some Mistakes When Using Skin Care You Need to Know

Here Are Some Mistakes When Using Skin Care You Need to Know

Facial skin care must be done by everyone. Men are no exception. because the skin that is awake will show a maximum appearance. So, don’t get me wrong in choosing the right skincare for your skin. You can use rodan and fields reviews in order to get the right skin care and according to your skin type.

Now there are many people who use skin care because they read a review or watch a video. However, there are still many people who mistakenly use it and produce skin that actually becomes worse. There are some mistakes made by many people when using skin care.

– Use a lot of skin care
Maybe because you want to immediately eradicate the nasty pimples on your face, immediately attack everything. All kinds of skin care products are used without seeing which ones are appropriate and which are not. If there are more pimples, then what’s confused isn’t suitable.
To be able to eradicate the stubborn pimples that are needed it is patient. First use one product, keep waiting for about 2 weeks to see the reaction to our skin.

– Too long to leave the face after washing
This might happen because you are lazy to use step skincare after washing your face. In fact, leaving the face for one minute after washing your face will have a very bad impact on your facial skin. Why? Because the true moisture of the face after washing is very easy to be absorbed by air. As a result your face becomes dry again, it would be better if you immediately use toner that can hydrate the skin or that is free of alcohol.

– Using too much sunscreen
You hope by using a sunscreen with SPF 20, you can use a foundation with SPF 15, the number of SPF you use will be 35. Even though the reality is not like that. The function of the SPF will work if you use it evenly.

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