Dec 7, 2018

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Here are some tips for storing makeup equipment that you have

Here are some tips for storing makeup equipment that you have

Makeup is certainly an important part of women. No wonder there are many women who use makeup in all their coincidences. In fact, they will arrange their makeup with threads so that all types of makeup they have are not lost and nothing is scattered in any place. However, the most important thing is to have a table to store your makeup so that your make up is not messy and nothing is lost. Visit to get a makeup table that suits your needs.

In addition to having a makeup the table, there are several important things that you should also pay attention to in order to make your makeup so that it is not easily lost. Some of the tips in question are

– Use a small, clear shelf so that the make-up inside can be seen
Although you can use an ordinary drawer, try replacing it with clear acrylic shelves or drawers. This storage model is very popular among beauty enthusiasts because, in addition to having a storage space of various sizes, transparent material serves to display makeup without the need to remove it. Saliha’s friends can also see the contents directly without the need to pull the drawer again.

– Create name tags at each storage
In addition to acrylic shelves, storage containers can also use unused boxes or jars. If you want to keep one makeup category in one place, make a name label to make it easier for you to recognize objects in it. Create the label to beautify the storage container.

– Place makeup that you often use in one place
Of the entire makeup collection, there must be some that are essential items for everyday use, right? So, keep the basic items on one shelf or drawer, and place them in an easily accessible place, such as on a dressing table. So when you’re in a hurry in the morning, there’s no more trouble finding the best makeup.

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