Sep 25, 2018

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Honey To Take Care Of Your Face and Cure Wounds

Honey To Take Care Of Your Face and Cure Wounds

Besides having a good effect on bone, honey also has the ability to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), increase cholesterol levels (HDL), and increase NO (nitric oxide). NO is a gas that plays a role in blood circulation, maintaining heart muscle function, and regulating blood pressure. This makes honey a good friend to prevent heart disease or stroke. Visit our website and find the best manuka honey brand review.

In addition, honey can also be used as a natural sweetener and as a source of energy. This is because, in one teaspoon of pure honey, it contains 17 grams of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index level when compared with artificial sweeteners. Honey has a glycemic index value of around 35-48, while white sugar commonly used as sweetener contains 58-65. Based on research conducted, consumption of honey during exercise can increase the body’s stamina and energy.

Benefits of honey to care for the skin to stay young

The presence of free radicals will cause interference with the body’s cells and cause aging of the skin. The antioxidant content in honey can counteract these free radicals and prevent various disorders caused by free radicals, including premature aging. You can also observe the high levels of antioxidants in honey from the color of honey. It is estimated that the darker the color of honey, the higher the antioxidant content contained in it.

Honey can help wound healing. This is because honey contains antibacterial and antiseptic effects thanks to the hydrogen peroxide content. In addition, the pH of acidic honey (between 3.2-4.5) can inhibit bacterial growth.

Honey also has anti-inflammatory effects and the ability to disguise scars. This is because honey has the ability to accelerate repair of blood vessels (because of damage to blood vessels during injury), helps accelerate the growth of damaged skin layers, increases collagen which is very good to help repair skin, and prevent scars and keloids.

Because of these unique abilities, honey is often used as a therapy to help heal wounds and is often contained in the composition of the cream to treat wounds caused by burns or scratched wounds.