To just look clean on the outside, maybe you just sacrifice your time to stop by a Car Salon or Auto Detailing. Maybe an ordinary car salon does it, but what is the quality level? There is a difference between the Car Salon and Auto Detailing in the car detail los angeles, at first glance it might be the same, but there is a clear difference in the cleaning fluid used, the more detailed work, to the work using special tools Royal 1 Mobile Detailing.

How shiny is your car, these are the 4 stages of the auto detailing process

Only in car detail los angeles that gives your car treatment, it’s quite detailed. Maybe you are quite curious, what are the stages of the Auto Detailing process?

1. Cleaning and Claying
In the washing process, clean the surface of vehicle paint, and other parts from various dirt stuck to the vehicle. Washing the vehicle regularly will prevent various dirt, which if not cleaned regularly will form a layer that will damage the appearance of the vehicle.

Besides washing, another effort included in the cleaning stage is claying. This activity is carried out to clean dirt deposits that are not removed when washing. The claying process is carried out with a clay bar and the help of lubricating fluid to make it easier for the vehicle to be used.

2. Preparation/paint correction
Scratches, scratches, oxidation, and various other defects on the surface of the vehicle are things that vehicle owners do not want. However, if this has already happened, what can be done is to make corrections to the surface of the vehicle.

Paint correction can be done by compounding, polishing, and glazing, as well as other products that are made to solve specific problems on the vehicle surface.

In general, detailers consider that the preparation/paint correction stage is the most important part for maximum final results. Because it is at this stage that the problems with the vehicle’s appearance are fixed.

3. Protection
The preparation stage or paint cleaner is done well, then the results will be visible with the naked eye. However, this process does not provide any protection to the vehicle. Therefore, preparation must be followed by a protective step.

Protection on the surface of the vehicle is carried out by applying a layer of wax, sealant, or coating on the paint surface. Different products are needed to protect other surfaces such as tires, metal, chrome, trim, and so on. By giving a layer, dirt will not easily accumulate on the surface of the vehicle. In some products, wax or sealants even can prevent dust and water from sticking to vehicles.

Apart from protecting the surface of the vehicle, the products included in this type are also able to add to the perfection of the appearance of the vehicle after going through the preparation stage or paint protection.

4. Maintenance
The last process is maintenance. The protection given to vehicles is temporal. The duration can be different, depending on the capabilities of each product. To maintain optimal protection capability, periodic maintenance is necessary.

To carry out periodic maintenance, the products used are called detailers, finishing, last touch, or the like. The goal is to prevent dirt as early as possible weaken the protective ability.

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