Aug 14, 2019

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How To Get Property Discounts From Developers

How To Get Property Discounts From Developers

Although most property developers already have their own benchmark prices for properties for sale, in the midst of saturated property markets in several countries, they are now more open to price offers. Various promos ranging from the ease of down payment installments to luxury car prizes by developers to attract potential buyers. In the meantime, if you’re looking for discounts for online shopping instead, you can simply visit as soon as possible.

This you can use to request a discount from the developer for the property you want. However, of course, bargaining with developers to get a property is a little different from bidding on goods on the market.

Check out some of the tips below so that your process of asking for discounts from developers goes well:

Understand Market Conditions

Knowledge of the local property market will make you better prepared to bid the developer. Find out similar property prices in the area where your targeted property is located. It’s a good idea to also do an analysis of property prices when it is just launched with the last price. You can ask a friend or relative who has experience buying property about the price comparison. Based on personal experience, they can estimate how much discount the developer might be able to give.

Show You Seriously

Explain to the developer marketing team that you are truly interested in the property in question and that you want to buy it as soon as possible. Chances are that developers give discounts will be more wide open if they know you are a serious prospective buyer. But, you still have the right to make comparisons with other properties that you are also interested in. Tell each developer that you are doing a price comparison, but you want to move to a new property as soon as possible.

You may bid 15% cheaper than the price set by the developer. But it’s not uncommon for developers to only be able to offer discounts of 7% – 8%.

Find a Favorable Time

Proper timing can encourage the developer to give discounts to buyers. You can visit property exhibitions where your target developer participates and bargains there. The possibility for developers to give discounts is quite high because they do expect buyers during the exhibition.