Feb 11, 2020

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Knitting Can Make People Become Happy

Knitting Can Make People Become Happy

At first glance, knitting is only a useful activity to fill spare time. However, a survey research report from Knit for Peace, an initiative from the Charities Advisory Trust from the UK, explains that knitting brings health benefits. The research was carried out using an online survey method of 1,053 knitters incorporated in Knit for Peace, a knitting clothing project for victims of violence. Of the total number of knitters, 70% of respondents were 60 years old. The survey findings state that 70% of respondents claimed that knitting activities improved their health. Aside from that, if you prefer crocheting over knitting, we highly recommend you to use some of the best crochet hooks so your crochet results can become flawless.

Furthermore, 86.8% (875 respondents) said that knitting makes the mind and body relax. 31.4% (317 respondents) rated knitting to be able to minimize anxiety and reduce blood pressure (26.1% or 263 respondents). 24.1% (243 respondents) said that knitting can relieve depression; while for the other 21.4% (216 respondents), knitting was able to relieve joint inflammation and relieve muscle pain (14.3% or 144 respondents). A total of 10.9% (109 respondents) claimed that knitting helped them overcome chronic and chronic diseases (10.7% or 108 respondents).

Knitting activities are also known to be beneficial in increasing mood (mood) and well-being of life, inhibiting dementia, and reducing feelings of loneliness. On the other hand, knitting activities in Knit for Peace allows them to get a place to move, open up opportunities to help one another, and increase their feeling that they are useful to others.

Dame Hillary Blume, founder, and chair of Charities Advisory Trust and Knit for Peace said knitting had to be popularized because of its health benefits. He says that knitting is often not desirable and ridiculed because it is out of date but the activity must be promoted because of the quality of its health benefits.