Feb 11, 2018

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Know the Men Type in the Internet!

Know the Men Type in the Internet!

You do not need allergies to get acquainted with men on the internet because not all lie and falsify identity. But, be careful too, do not rush to decide seriously with someone you know through cyberspace. Get to know the character through Chat that you do both. Before going any further, it’s good to know the types of men in cyberspace. Some of these men may be on your list!

1. Hunter status.
Usually, this typewrite openly (sometimes exaggerated) profile himself, such as status, place of work, hobbies and so forth. He also makes his profile as attractive as possible, complete with photos that “sell” and teasing words that give hope to women. He will aggressively make every effort to get acquainted and get your heart through every online activity. He will be diligent in sending messages on social media, mention your name in every twit, and never miss a chat with you. Because the goal is only one, get a boyfriend that he cannot get in the real world and release the status of the bachelor.

2. Casanova.
The goal is similar to the status seeker type, but this type of man thinks he likes Casanova who likes to collect the ceremony through social media. The list of friends is mostly women. Do not be confused when you get a call like “honey”, “babe” or “honey” even though the new acquaintance. Because this type of men likes to steal women’s hearts with sweet sentences that sometimes sounds rag. For those of you who have got a dear call at the beginning of the introduction, start alert, he could be the type of this guy.

3. Loving children.
Pay attention to men in social media who use profile pictures with photos with a child despite being single. This man may indeed like children, or otherwise, he just builds his image as a man who is mature, loving and ready to commit to you. After all, you would love the figure of a man who is near the children right?

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