May 13, 2018

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Know these ways of maintaining the health of your brain

Know these ways of maintaining the health of your brain

The results of studies conducted on people with dementia show that by engaging in social activities, establishing connections, and communicating with others, can lower their dementia levels. Interactions with family, friends, or other relatives may prove capable of slowing memory decline in adulthood. In addition, socializing with the surrounding environment can prevent us from stress and depression, increase comfort, and improve intellectual capacity. Apart from that, you can visit to check out the recommended brain supplements online.

Brain exercise

Activities, like playing musical instruments, playing chess, or filling crosswords, are simple things that can make your brain ‘exercise’. By doing so, you can improve your ability to reason and memory, increase the number of brain cells and can reduce the risk of dementia. In addition to playing, you can also read novels, learn a foreign language, or learn new things. It requires the brain to remember over and over again, thereby making the brain continue to do ‘exercise’ and make it healthy.

Rest and sleep enough

The recommended daily sleep duration is 6 hours per day for adults. By sleeping at least 6 hours per day, can restore your body condition, improve mood and immune system, and can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Avoiding various risk factors

Avoiding a variety of things that can interfere with your brain’s health such as, hypertension, overweight, have high cholesterol and depression. Hypertension, obesity, and high cholesterol can disrupt the health of the brain because it can cause blockage of blood vessels that can also occur in the blood vessels in the brain. In addition, smoking can also increase twice the risk of developing Alzheimer’s higher than those who do not smoke at all.

In addition, a two-year study of 1,260 elderly people found that by doing a good diet, exercising and exercising regularly, not only lowered the risk of heart disease in the group but also reduced the risk of cognitive decline.

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