Jun 28, 2018

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Know Three Interesting Information About Bitcoin That You Should Know

Know Three Interesting Information About Bitcoin That You Should Know

In today’s sophisticated era, money is no longer something that can be invested. There is another way to invest, by using bitcoin. Bitcoin itself is no longer something foreign to many people’s ears. You can also get it at mamooti.com. many are getting attracted to this investment because it is considered to have many advantages over other investments.

Bitcoin is one of the virtual currencies that began to be introduced and developed in 2009 9lalu by Satoshi Nakamoto. And the growing technology, many people are getting interested in the digital currency. there is some interesting information for you who are interested in bitcoin.

1. Not having any Country
If you know Dollar, Yen, Rupiah or Ringgit. This is the difference bitcoin with other currencies. Bitcoin is not owned by any Country. No country is the origin of this bitcoin itself. This is also one of the factors that many people are interested with bitcoin because this factor is obviously very profitable because no State is responsible for the exchange rate that is on bitcoin. And the governments of each State are also not in charge of its management.

2. Have a high demand
This becomes another plus of bitcoin. This is evident from 2011 to 2013 public interest in bitcoin continues to increase and its value also increases. If it used to sell bitcoin only about 13 USD only, now 1 bitcoin can reach hundreds of millions. This will greatly benefit you later as the value continues to increase.

3. Safer than physical currency
In terms of security, bitcoin has a safer value because it has a virtual form where there will be no forgery because it has no form. Unlike other physical currencies. However, the weakness of this currency is lost because it is stored in digital files.