Feb 18, 2019

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Lazy Cleaning the AC? See First As a Result

Lazy Cleaning the AC? See First As a Result

It is not surprising that there are currently many AC service services that offer mura prices and even we can do it ourselves if we only clean the filters. Many air conditioner manufacturers are pinning various health features on the air conditioners produced, ranging from features of anti-rust, fungal, and high-density accuracy to the indoor unit which makes the air flow blows further without causing sound and clean. All of these features are understood by aircon installation singapore created to provide convenience by consumers in buying an air conditioning product. In fact, some features are created to avoid the growth of viruses, fungi, and bacteria that will usually be carried away on the gusts of wind released by the air conditioner.

In some cases, it seems like you are not too happy with this convenience because the feature won’t work if you don’t support it with regular cleaning. Because air conditioners that are not serviced routinely will have an impact on health, one of which is respiratory problems. An AC that is not maintained and is rarely cleaned will be full of dust and dirt that sticks and piles up, this will make the AC filter’s performance become problematic to filter the air to make it cleaner and healthier. If you cannot clean your air conditioner yourself, it will be better if you ask for help from a more professional person to guarantee the health of your AC.

The AC filter component has a crucial role in carrying out air cleaning, one of which is to stop the proliferation of airborne bacteria and bacteria so that is the reason why it is important to do AC maintenance regularly. If the dirty air is inhaled by us, the germs and diseases carried into our lungs will settle and make our breath disturbed in the long run. This will cause acute pneumonia for you.