Jun 1, 2018

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Let’s be smart in choosing the aromatherapy oils

Let’s be smart in choosing the aromatherapy oils

An aromatherapy prerequisite should use natural essential oils derived from plants, and not chemical synthetics. Essential oils of many kinds, ranging from the smell of fragrant, because it comes from the flowers such as rose, lavender, jasmine or geranium, to the smell of herbs or herbs because it comes from seeds, roots, stems or leaves such as nutmeg, vetiver, and citronella. The 100% Pure Organic Essential Oils derived from flowers is very expensive because to get a milliliter of essential oils it takes thousands of flowers. However, it has one of the best qualities of oils on the market that usually satisfy the customers. Nevertheless, it made of its synthetic essential oil made from chemicals.

Perfume industry has long managed to synthesize essential oils such as rose, lavender or jasmine, the fragrance is similar but not the case with aromatic structures that are efficacious for the treatment of aromatherapy. According to the author of “Aromatherapy Natural Treatments for Healthy and Beautiful” says that synthetic essential oils cannot be used for aromatherapy. In addition to minus the aromatic structure, synthetic essential oils also do not have the element of life force contained in natural essential oils from plants.

So if there are a lavender-scented floor cleaning products and claim it as aromatherapy then it is suspected it is a synthetic essential oil alias fragrance oil aka perfume oil. Why? Because the price of natural lavender oil is less economical if used in floor cleaning products. So what about the product, aromatherapy oil is currently booming? Does he use natural essential oils? What you need to look at, whether it has natural essential oil content in it as a prerequisite aromatherapy.

Traditional oils that we know actually use natural essential oils such as citronella, so he deserves to be called aromatherapy and has health benefits such as overcoming colds, flu and muscle tension. But on aromatherapy wind oil what content does it claim to be aromatherapy? If it’s fragrances, like a rose, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, green tea and so forth you should carefully choose. As described earlier, the price of essential oils of this type is very expensive so if it is properly used then the price of the product will be sold quite expensive.

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