Link building is one of the most important SEO activities, but this does not of course mean that you have to build links at any price. Literally and figuratively, link building can be very expensive in terms of time as well as money. There are many expensive link building mistakes and below are some of the most common from our Link building guide:

Check if the backlink has “nofollow” attribute
Link exchanges are still one of the white hat ways to build backlinks but unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous webmasters who will trick you. One of the scams is when you pay someone for a backlink, it suddenly disappears or has a “nofollow” attribute. That is why you have to check continuously if the link is still there or not and if it is not.

Get good quality links but with useless anchor text
This is great when your site gets high-quality links but when the anchor text is “Click here!” or something like that, this link is almost useless. Keywords in the anchor text are very important, so if the backlink does not have it, it is not a valuable one, so to make the quality of your backlink valuable, insert the keyword in it. Analyzing link anchor text takes time but this tool Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer can do it for you well.

Get image links (when text links with keywords are possible)
Sometimes when webmasters are in a rush to get backlinks, they miss small details, like anchor text. Yes, image links are great and can even bring you more visitors than text (if the image is and of course the user clicks) but for SEO purposes nothing beats keywords in the anchor text.

Use ALT text if the image link is the only one
Image links may be a worse choice than text links but if image links are the only possibility of getting a backlink, don’t reject them. However, make sure that the ALT text of the image link has your keywords this will be better than nothing.

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