Mar 15, 2019

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Making A Happy Working Environment In A Coffee Shop

Discussions with workers give us a different perspective on solving problems and even provide other indicators as a reference for making decisions. In the scope of the coffee shop, by asking the baristas we will find out how the prospects of the coffee menu are being carried out, or a discussion of the coffee recipes that will be launched. And from asking, we can find out how the customers who come to our coffee shop give appreciation to the service or coffee offerings that we serve. Additionally, perhaps you also need to check out the trusted store to buy coffee beans online learn more.

Relaxing Work Evaluation

The dynamics of the working atmosphere at the coffee shop do not always run smoothly, there could be customer complaints about new workers in our coffee shop or coffee offerings which turned out to be inappropriate. This needs to be conveyed to improve team performance, not to blame one of the workers but want to provide a spirit of cooperation to help each other. The good evaluation is done casually, it doesn’t need to be blaming so it motivates others to do work happily.

Work Appreciation

Many ways to give appreciation to workers who have dedicated themselves to our coffee shop, one of which is compensation. Not how much compensation is received, but the appreciation of work that can motivate themselves and others to happily work wholeheartedly. This can provide positive energy for waiters who serve friendly and barista who sincerely serves coffee without any mistakes. Compensation of workers who arrive early, or other appreciation such as lift tickets, meals vouchers, etc.

Maintain Communication

As an owner or manager, don’t be impressed by being difficult for other workers to reach. In a sense, the communication that is woven on to the workers in our coffee shop is trying to be friendly. So if in the future, there are things that want to be conveyed by our coffee shop’s operational features, we are happy to discuss it.