Jun 10, 2018

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Meal budget saving tips for housewives and mothers

Meal budget saving tips for housewives and mothers

Financial experts say, to save money, the mother must also be good at storing food. Here are five easy ways we can help housewives do to save money on eating at home. On the other hand, by the time you’d like to take your family to eat at the restaurants, we recommend you to check out Waffle House menu prices first.

1. Use the freezer in the refrigerator

One of the food problems that often arise is when the amount of food is still a lot but cannot be consumed because it is stale. It is certainly very unfortunate not, considering we’ve bought the food in large quantities.

In order not to happen again and to further downsize as well, mothers should maximize the freezer function in the fridge. Freezer in Refrigerator was not only used to store meat or ice only.

Other foods such as potatoes, eggs, processed chickens, flour, rice to whole grains can keep you in the freezer. That way, the food will be more durable, without fear of being stale and still edible of course.

2. Buy food that is again season

This is a warning to mothers and families who may be very fond of buying imported food. Imported foods are varied, but the availability is not always present in every month.

3. Buying groceries online

Sometimes when we shop to supermarkets or the market to buy food, we also take into account the cost of transportation and petrol costs if using private vehicles, such as motorcycles or cars. It certainly can make the expenditure becomes larger.

To save more, there is no harm in you shop online only. Online shopping on postage is considered more affordable. In addition to the total purchase, you can also see directly via email. During the shopping check-out process, you can also cancel a purchase if it turns out the total price makes the expenses swell.

4. Reduce consumption of fish and meat

From some of the usual food ingredients in supermarket or supermarket, high prices are usually the price of meat and fish.

Eating meat and fish is important for the fulfillment of family nutrition, but in order to save money, the mothers or housewives can reduce the consumption of meat and fish, then replace it with other foods that contain the same nutritional and nutritional value.

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