Nov 19, 2019

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Meditation Exists In Theatrical Drama

Meditation Exists In Theatrical Drama

Generally, the meaning of meditation is to try to calm the mind. The theater can be interpreted as an effort to calm and empty the mind with the aim of gaining self-stability. Meanwhile, if you’re also teaching children about plays, we suggest you check out some of the best scripts for children’s plays.

Purpose of Meditation:

Empty the mind. We try to empty our minds, by discarding everything that is in our minds, about various problems both family, school, personal problems and so on. We remove all of it from our brain so that our minds are free from all burdens and bonds.

Meditation as a bridge.

Here we call the practice nature as a “pseudo” realm because everything we do in practice is pseudo, we never do in everyday life. So our every move will be different from our daily behavior. For this reason, we need a bridge that will take us from the realms of our daily lives to the realms of practice.

How to meditate:

Body position is not bound, in the sense of not being forced. But what is usually done is to sit cross-legged, try to keep the body upright. This method is intended to provide a field/room in the inner body cavity.

Regulate breathing well, breathe air slowly and release it also slowly. Feel the whole movement of air circulation in and out of our bodies. Clear our minds, then feel the atmosphere around us with all the feelings. We will feel the atmosphere of silence, calm, mute, still motionless. We tell our nerves to sleep, then we are ready to concentrate.


At some point, we may lose the stimulus to practice, as if a lethargy arises in every movement and speech. This often results from being too tired or too many thoughts. If this is not overcome and we are forced to practice, it will be futile. The way to overcome is with MEDITATION. Meditation also needs to be done if we are going to play on the stage, so we can concentrate on the roles that we want to play.