Oct 8, 2019

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New Business Owners Must Know How To Deliver Goods Abroad

New Business Owners Must Know How To Deliver Goods Abroad

Sending goods abroad is now as easy as shipping between islands or between cities. Moreover, there have been many reliable logistics services that can be invited to cooperation. So if you are selling or if you really want to ship overseas, you don’t have to bother anymore.

However, shipping costs are more expensive when compared to inter-island / inter-city or domestic shipping. This is reasonable, the article the distance traveled was quite far.

If this is your first experience sending goods overseas, let’s look at some tips for sending goods overseas from us:

Choose a trusted shipping service

We recommend choosing a trusted overseas shipping service. Although maybe the price offered is more expensive. This is so you don’t have to worry. If there are mistakes, you will be easy to make a complaint.

Packing Well

Goods to be sent should be packaged properly. If you don’t have good packing skills, you can ask the service company for help. Good and correct packing will protect the goods to be sent. It’s because you will never know what items will be treated by the courier later.

Explain Regarding Goods To Be Sent

Explain to the freight forwarding company that will be sent overseas. Is food, clothes, items are easily broken or so on. This is to make it easier for service companies to label and treat your package. There is no harm, you also give a separate label on the package to be sent.


Usually shipping abroad also has insurance services. Insurance is very useful if something unexpected happens during the shipping process. Do not forget, before being handed over to the shipping service, document the items to be sent.

The Freight Forwarding Company Has Good Relationships With Customs of Various Countries

When you send your products to your customers in other countries, there’s always a risk of your products from being confiscated by customs officers for various reasons. That’s why you must hire a freight forwarding company which has good relationships with customs of various countries, especially the country of your customers.