In lectures, you are faced with presentations, group discussions and block examinations that are mandatory for all medical students. Because as we all know, health is an area that leaves no room for error. Being a doctor is indeed a big responsibility. This can be stressful for new medical students as they begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed out by their new responsibilities. That’s why they need to manage their study time properly, while also studying at the best facility, like GradReady.

Therefore, we summarize 3 Study Tips for New Medical Students:

1. Find a way of learning that is most comfortable for you!

Some people are easier to memorize when they see a picture. Some understand more quickly if they continue to listen to it. All you need to do is find the most comfortable and effective way to study for you.

If it is easier for you to memorize with pictures, be creative! Buy lots of colourful markers and use them to write notes. Draw and build your pedestrian bridge! With your illustrations and memorization techniques, it will be easier for you to remember these things! Or if it is easier for you to memorize by voice, then make a summary of the things you think you should know. Then read the summary while being recorded. After that, listen to your recorded summary as often as you can.

2. Don’t study endlessly, give your body time to rest

Sometimes the pressure of exams forces medical students to sit for hours and continue reading books and trying to understand medical terminology. This is not a good thing because according to research, humans can learn effectively for only 25-30 minutes. After this time, the mind is saturated and needs rest. So it’s important to refresh and rest the brain for ten minutes every 30 minutes.

3. Get up early

These tips may seem boring and cliché, but they are very effective tips. Our brains naturally tend to be more productive in the mornings. So start your day with a healthy breakfast then read your summary and book! You will grasp theory more easily and quickly.

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