Jan 17, 2019

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Nutrition in Cereals Can Prevent Your Body From Chronic Diseases

Nutrition in Cereals Can Prevent Your Body From Chronic Diseases

Breakfast habits are now shifting to brunch, especially for those who are busy working. Usually, they will skip breakfast and decide to eat food at regular hours, before lunch. This is what is called brunch. Seeing the phenomenon of society that shifts breakfast into brunch, many brunch menus appear to fulfill their desires. Many restaurants open early or close later to serve the needs of those who brunch more often than breakfast. One brunch menu that is often eaten is cereal.

Cereals are often eaten for breakfast. But because human habits have shifted, cereals are often used as a brunch menu. Besides being practical, cereals have health benefits for the body. As a source of protein, cereals can help brain activity become faster. Protein is very good for our body. With the presence of protein, the nutrients in our body become fulfilled. In conducting activities, especially for children who are still in the stage of growth, this protein is needed by them. When thinking, the brain also requires a lot of protein to be able to guess clearly. Therefore, the secret of most intelligent children is that their protein needs are very adequate. Means, the benefits of cereals greatly contribute a lot to our body.

Aside from being a source of protein, cereals are also able to prevent cancer. consuming cereal on a regular basis can prevent the occurrence of cancer. Indeed, now there are lots of good foods but produce hazardous substances that can cause cancer. Cereals containing sitosterol can prevent it. In addition to preventing cancer, cereals can also fill faster than other foods such as potatoes and meat. So that for people who are dieting, it is very suitable for consumption.

The content of vitamins and nutrients in cereals can make people more energized. This is another benefit of cereal. When nutritional intake has been fulfilled, it has more energy to carry out daily activities. Eating cereal on a regular basis will make you more powerful for daily activities.