Oct 16, 2019

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Office Renovations, For the Productivity and Spirit of the Work Ethic!

Office Renovations, For the Productivity and Spirit of the Work Ethic!

To make office employee productivity increase, a pleasant room is key. Especially if the workload is a lot, resulting in employees having to overtime. At such times, the office is the second home, and office comfort will increase morale. This is why remodeling office space is very necessary so that employees can work optimally. Before you do office space renovations, do some research first, what is a good office? The right size, a comfortable office provides space for workers. At least for each employee, there is an area of 3.7 m2, maintaining privacy. Air temperature, For convenience, the air temperature must be in the range of 16-22o Celsius. Also, try the room to get good air circulation, so the office doesn’t feel stuffy. Has your office space had all that? If not, it’s time for an Office Interior Renovation.

Renovation of office space must also focus on things going forward. What will be achieved from this renovation? How will the impact on employees and also the surrounding environment? Will consumers feel closer to the company? Think about it when you decide to do a renovation, so there is no change in plan in the middle of the road. Because each division has a different function, there is nothing wrong for you to make the room also different, tailored to the needs of employees in it. In addition to preventing boredom, attractive designs will increase productivity. Bright colors can make the room feel bright and dynamic, suitable if employees need additional enthusiasm, such as red or orange. Blue or green is useful if you want calmness and concentration.

Walls that are not just plain can make office space look more personal, and not just a workplace. Workers can also hang personal photos there. So you can do the renovation of office space properly, don’t hesitate to consult with contractors and interior designers. Also, discuss with workers who will occupy the room, so you know what they want. The more comfortable office space, the employee will also feel more possessed and maintain the room properly.