Dec 22, 2018

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Paint a Wooden Furniture

Paint a Wooden Furniture

Sure Paint is not only an expert in painting walls. If you have unpainted wood furniture, our painter can paint it so it looks more appealing. In order for the results are satisfactory, to do finishing frames, doors, wooden windows with wooden paint materials using a brush, need to be done in the right ways. Errors in doing this work will get a bad result, unkempt painting, wood pores still visible, and within a certain time the paint will crack and peel. You need to read this to know more about paint a wooden stuff.

At first, clean the area to be painted from the dirt, usually the former mortar when the Mason works the stucco wall work. Use a wooden cap, and puree with medium-sized sandpaper. Then clean the wood surface from dust abrasive can use used t-shirts.

Perform painting with wood base paint diluted with thinner. The wood to be painted must be completely dry. Less dry wood is poorly painted, and at some time will be cracked and wrinkled. Do the woodwork carefully and neatly to make the surface completely flat and close the pores of the wood. It will need 2 days until basic paint.

The wood that has been patched then sanded with medium size sandpaper. This work is done after the layer of wooden patched is completely dry (2 days). If there are still missing (wood pores are still visible), do re-patched.

After the patched layer have been sanded, really smooth and flat, nothing is missed, do the painting still use base paint diluted with thinner (more dilute than mix 1). Painting with 3 layers finishing paint. Do it after the base coat is completely dry. Each layer is painted with paint mixed with thinner so the paint does not coat. After a few moments when the paint in the tin will thicken, do dilution with thinner enough, do not be too thin and not too thick.

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