Nov 30, 2017

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Paintings with a Unique Material

Paintings with a Unique Material

Maybe you think the painting is only made with the usual painting tools such as pencils, colored pencils, watercolor, and many others. Talking about paintings, there are many functions that we get when putting paintings as decoration in our room. Besides to beautify the room, but another benefit of painting is to calm our souls who may be dizzy over the job at the office. One of the paintings that harbor the soul is the work of christian wall art.

In spite of that, you need to know that there are many unique and beautiful paintings of high artistic value and certainly created with material that we never thought of before. Therefore here are the following reviews!

1. Painting of leaves
The painter of leaves painting is a Chinese man. Leaf carving is actually a cutting and removal technique from a leaf mesophyll to produce a work of art without cutting or removing any leaf veins.

2. Smoke painting
Rob Tarbell created this painting with smoke since 2007. The idea of using smoke came to Rob’s head in 2007, where he realized that smoke can be controlled to create something of the art, and all he needs is a medium to channel it.

3. Fishing hook painting
Yoan Capote Cuban artists make amazing work, with the help of 30 assistants and the workmanship takes months. When asked why you use a hook as a medium for his artwork, Capote says “I decided to use the hook in this series because I wanted to create a tension between beauty, seduction, danger, and traps.” Salute for tenacity, his patience in assembling artwork should be our thumbs.

4. Fingerprint Painting
Judith Braun, an artist from New York, has created a giant symmetrical wall painting just by using the tip of his finger as a brush. This method is very difficult to do with one hand and Judith uses both hands at the same time.

5. Coffee painting
Speaking of coffee, many people still think coffee is bad for health. Actually, it is not entirely true. Coffee is also good to drink in the morning to improve the stability of the body and many benefits of coffee. That’s when viewed from a health standpoint, but if we look from the point of the artistry of coffee can be used as inspiration to create a painting.

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