Apr 14, 2018

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Pay Attention of These Characteristics, You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss

Pay Attention of These Characteristics, You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss

Generally, baldness occurs in old age. However, at this time baldness can hit many ages. Not only parents, baldness can also occur earlier, nor see women or men. One characteristic of baldness is excessive hair loss. Hair loss is normal if not more than 100 strands per day. Hair has three phases of growth, beginning with anagen/growth phase, catagen phase/rest, then the last one is telogen/loss phase. If it starts to happen, then you need Profollica. Profollica is a hair loss prevention supplement and regenerates hair. Where to buy Profollica? You can visit the website or through an online store.

Then how the characteristics of hair that began to fall into excessive to bald?

– Damaged hair
Damaged hair becomes one of the signs of baldness symptoms. Fragile and fragile hair will become more rapidly fall off, this adds to hair loss. Damage to hair keratin can cause hair to fall out faster and broken. Unhealthy scalp becomes unable to hold the roots of the hair. An unhealthy scalp can be known in the presence of fungi, such as dandruff.

– Hair thinning
The thinning of hair in some parts of the head can be caused because the skin of hair is not able to hold the hair root, this resulted in thinning in some parts of the head. Hair growth is uneven, the other part is thick, but there is a very thin part and very rarely overgrown hair. Depletion usually occurs from the front of the head to the middle.

– Thinning of other hairs on the body
Hair loss in some parts of the body becomes one of the characteristics of baldness, as in the eyebrows. Eyebrows are suddenly thinning, worth noting.

– The distance grows hair more and rarer
For men especially short-haired, hair loss is generally not considered so difficult to be an indicator of the start of baldness. But the signs of baldness can be seen by uncovering the hair, then observed the growing distance between the wider and hair.

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