Jul 8, 2018

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Remember this when you’re entering a Japanese restaurant

Remember this when you’re entering a Japanese restaurant

The average Japanese restaurant has a replica of plastic food called sampuru which is on display in an acrylic box near the entrance. Sampuru is made exactly like the original dish as a visual aid for outsiders, especially tourists, who want to order food but do not master Japanese well. If the menu book does not help, you can immediately point to the sampuru display to order the desired food. However, if you’re also interested in a good family restaurant with the friendly price and excellent quality, we recommend you to also check out the Wynn buffet prices.

When you enter, you will be instantly greeted by a very excited “irasshaimase” shout from the staff who sometimes bend over when greeting. You can respond with a polite nod or say an informal greeting: “doomo” which could mean “hello”, “thank you” or “see you”. So, use it carefully.

After they say, they will hear the question “nan mei sama desu ka?” Or “How many people?” You can answer with the expression “san nin desu” for three people, or “Hitori desu” for one person. Then you will be directed to a particular table with the words “kochira e douzo” or “Please sit here”. Rarely is there a Japanese restaurant that allows guests to sit without a welcome first.

Although most restaurants have already switched to using western-style tables and chairs, the traditional low table where you eat while sitting on a cushion scattered on the floor (zashiki3) can still be found. If there is a restaurant that has both of these features, you can choose, but remember to remove shoes or sandals at the entrance of the restaurant before stepping into the seat.

Smoking is allowed in many restaurants in Japan. Some restaurants are equipped with smoking (kitsuen) and non-smoking (kinen), while others do not allow full smoking. If there is a choice, the staff will ask your preferences before choosing the right place.

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