Sep 28, 2018

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Santa Fe 2019: The Safety Feature You Can Take Into Consideration

Santa Fe 2019: The Safety Feature You Can Take Into Consideration

Car manufacturers continue to compete to get the attention of consumers. Any method is done so that the product can captivate the hearts of consumers and arrive at their garage. For your information, Santa Fe Cabriolet is based on the 2019 Sante Fe model. The aim is to promote the latest three-line SUV from the Korean car manufacturer. Santa Fe is a fun car, even though the Cabriolet version looks awkward. So don’t expect Hyundai to put Santa Fe Cabriolet into their production lines in the near future, and this is only part of Hyundai’s trick in promoting his SUV. Are you considering Santa Fe 2019 no matter how many vehicle brands available out there?

When talking about Santa Fe 2019, the security features of this car brand can be one of your considerations. Rear Cross Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCW) allows the driver to know the conditions behind the car, and using Blind Spot Detection with a radar sensor system will alert the driver when there is a vehicle approaching, this also features automatic braking.

Additional security features include Rear Occupant Alert, which Hyundai debuted with Santa Fe. The rear seat monitoring system uses ultrasonic sensors that help detect the movement of children and pets. This system first reminds the driver to check the rear seat when it exits the vehicle, with a message on the instrument cluster center screen.

If the system detects movement in the rear seat after the driver leaves the vehicle and locks the door, the system will honk and send a Blue Link warning to the smartphone of the driver via the Hyundai Blue Link connected car system.

This system is designed to prevent children and pets being forgotten in the car but also helps if children lock themselves accidentally. While Safe Exit Assist will emit a sound to remind passengers when in unsafe conditions to get out of the car, for example when a car is approaching, this will also automatically activate the door lock.