Apr 15, 2018

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Should You Hire AC Technician to Fix Damaged Compressor Problem?

Should You Hire AC Technician to Fix Damaged Compressor Problem?

Damage to compressors on a small scale such as reduced oil or there is clogged then it can be overcome by adding oil and fix the blockage. If the damage occurs because there is a motor coil that burns then the solution can be by replacing the new coil. If the damage is caused by the age factor then it should be replaced by a new ac compressor. A damaged compressor of AC is one of the cases you may find during using HVAC system. Will you go to the nearby location of air conditioning service singapore company?

There is an alternative solution that is more efficient is to replace the outdoor unit if the ac age is already more than 10 years. But if the compressor warranty period is usually 3 years then you should contact the ac service center. Overcome the damaged AC compressor or ac die use technicians who are experienced in repairing the ac compressor.

The issues with an AC compressor that has been in service for a long time is normally the failure of the AC compressor to pack the gas refrigerant or AC freon to adequate weight. It takes an accomplished professional to assess and test the framework or to supplant the AC compressor.

Because repair/replacement of an AC compressor costs money, make sure why the compressor is not working properly. Also, make sure that this problem is not caused by the unstable voltage. Fluctuating voltage can cause the AC compressor to not work properly so that the AC loses cooling capability. Other problems that often occur on the compressor AC include; compressor hard life, noisy and burning compressor.

An experienced technician will perform a thorough inspection before making sure that the compressor has been damaged, unless there is a clear indication that there is a problem with the AC compressor (noisy, difficult to turn on, on fire). The thorough inspection includes electrical inspection, inspection of filter condition and duct and fan check on a blower. When an AC compressor is on fire, this means that the coils inside the compressor are severely damaged; occur shorted and burned. If this happens, the best way is to replace the AC compressor.

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