Dec 17, 2017

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Simple Ways To Become A Patient Person

What skills and characteristics make a servant effective? Fluency in public speaking, leadership, compassion? The chances of ‘patience’ will not get into your list. But when the apostle Paul defines the kind of love that is the foundation of ministry at I Corinthians 13, it begins with patience.

God says the first step to reflect the love for each person is to first have patience. Why? God has thousands of years of experience dealing with His people! Through the centuries, many times, His love is expressed through patience. He expects our love to be a love based on patience as well. Therefore one of the things we can do to practice our patience is to remember the god wherever we are. Often coming to church to pray, reading the Bible often as a guide for life, and doing such trivial things as installing pictures of Jesus are some things we can do to always remember the god with all the good that is poured out for us.

Apart from that, this is what the Bible says about being a more patient!

1. Remember how God has been patient with you
You will never be more patient with others than the patience of Jesus Christ toward you. In 1 Timothy 1:16 Paul says, “Jesus Christ showed all his patience (or infinite patience)”. God chose Paul even though he was a persecutor of the Church. God shows his boundless patience with him. And God has also shown all His patience towards you and me as well.

2. Learn by listening
Proverbs 14: 29 says, “The person who is patient is understanding.” You need to have the understanding to show patience. The Bible says the key to patience is understanding. Surely you’ve seen this in your life. When you understand someone, you are more patient with that person.

Most of us think that the pastor is a good listener. But is it true? Research shows that only 7% of what you say is communicated through words. Moreover, about 42% is from your delivery (tone, intonation, volume, and delivery). And the remaining 50% of your intentions are communicated through non-verbal language (facial expressions, gestures and body language). That is the reason why phone conversations are only 50% effective! You cannot see how that person communicates through his body language. To be more patient, you need to listen more. Listen to all your attention because hearing it involves your eyes and ears.

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