Aug 9, 2017

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Socializing With no One is Common These Days

Socializing With no One is Common These Days

We, humans, are all social creature. It’s obvious that we obviously can’t live well without the existence of others, so socializing with fellow humans is necessary for our well-being. Talking, cooperating, and even competing are all important social interactions that have driven us forward to develop our society to become the better one. Sadly, these days you can see a lot of the younger generation lacking the social interactions between each other. The new technology just like the smartphones and gadgets have made them forgot the necessity of socializing with the other people. To make things worse, having 12,586 friends in Facebook makes them think that it’s far better than having one real friend in the real life.

The concept of socializing has been adopted by the internet community since the online chat feature and email has been created. This allows so many people to interact with one another without the barrier of location and time. Unfortunately, today there are so many people that think this new way of socializing is basically the same as meeting a lot of people in the real world. However, as you can see, meeting new people in the real life in person can be a lot more challenging, and that’s why so many social media users have lost their social skills to interact with others.

Some people are even preferring to shut their doors and windows for weeks or even months, and they’re “living” their lives virtually. This is actually not a good thing to do, even though they can sustain their lives virtually. Humans will always need interaction with one another, and not socializing literally may cause so many emotional stress and depression to be suffered by a lot of people out there. It will be important that you understand that socializing in the real life will be more beneficial than simply chatting online, so you can know anyone you meet in person and miscommunication will be avoided a lot easier in the future.

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